Giving Back

The story of Kope Lion

Across Africa, lions are disappearing fast. Lion numbers have declined by 50% in the last 25 years. Holding one-third of the world’s lions, Tanzania is important for their long-term survival.

Bobby-Jo Safaris has joined forces with a fantastic conservation initiative called Kope Lion.

Kope Lion strives to foster human-lion coexistence in Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. Here intensifying human-wildlife conflict has been tough on the lions.

In the last few decades, the lions have begun to disappear entirely from their former ranges, separating the famous Ngorongoro Crater lions from the Serengeti. The area’s mission for harmonious coexistence is collapsing, with both people and wildlife facing hardship. Kope Lion was founded in 2011 with the aim to change this trend. By working directly with residents, Kope Lion strives for sustainable human-lion coexistence in Ngorongoro for the benefit of both people and lions.

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Kope Lion, composed of local experts and international scientists, employs former lion hunters to actively protect the remaining lions and reduce conflicts.

Their work builds upon data collected over the last 50 years, representing the best-known, best-studied lions in the world.

This offers the unique opportunity to measure the effects of their efforts on a population of lions, studied for generations.

Help Kope Lion

Bobby-Jo Safaris has joined forces with a fantastic conservation initiative called Kope Lion

Helping Kope Lion

“I met the Kope Lion team at a lion conflict event that happened in Ngorongoro in early 2017, I was so inspired by Ingela’s empathy and compassion that she expressed to the Maasai that lost their cow to a pride of lions, I knew that I wanted to help this incredible woman and her team of lion protectors”

Bobby-Jo Safaris donates imagery to Kope Lion to help with their lion Database and media. Bobby-Jo has also raised funds through conservation based safaris and a special Kilimanjaro climb in 2019.

Kope Lion’s Ilchokuti (lion protector) Kisyombe was sponsored to tackle the highest mountain in Africa with Bobby-Jo and guests. The successful summit raised much needed funding for the lions of Ngorongoro.

Bobby-Jo Safaris also offers lion conservation safaris. As part of this lion Conservation Safari we will donate a radio collar to help assist with the tracking of lions that are in high risk areas. We will be able to receive regular updates on our collared lion from the team.

Guests on these safaris will also have the opportunity to personally meet with the Kope Lion team whilst in Ngorongoro, learn all about the lions in the area and gain a unique understanding of the work they do.

Human-lion coexistance

“Bobby-Jo, your sincere passion for the wild, the wildlife and the people stand out, and your photos capture their stories. With a genuine interest in people you easily blend in and contribute. Everyone in our team recall you fondly, waiting to meet you again. Your safaris are amazing, with a tight and experienced team, visiting the highlights at a pace to take it all in. The added activities that expose your guests to the landscape’s current state, with challenges as well as solutions to conservation, makes the safaris extra meaningful. We highly value your generous support to Kope Lion, in every way and over many years, all contributing to promote Ngorongoro’s human-lion coexistence.”

Ingela Jansson, Kope Lion Founder