Mana Pools


Mana Pools National Park is a secret location known to very few. Located in the northern part of Zimbabwe, it is a mecca for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

The park boasts a diverse range of wildlife species, making it an ideal location for capturing stunning wildlife shots.

The unique appeal of Mana Pools is that visitors can explore the park on foot, which enables them to get up close and personal with the animals and capture intimate and candid moments, rarely seen through a lens.

Walking on foot in Mana Pools offers a thrilling experience as visitors can witness elephants standing on their hind legs to browse trees, and even predators such as lions and hyenas up close.

The park also offers an excellent opportunity to photograph exotic birds, including the African Fish Eagle, Lilac-breasted Roller, and Carmine Bee-eater, to name just a few. Furthermore, the park has one of the highest concentrations of hippos and crocodiles, making it a wildlife lover’s paradise.

Mana Pools in particular is an excellent place for stargazing and astrophotography. Located in a remote area, there is no light pollution, providing a perfect backdrop for capturing breathtaking night sky shots. Imagine capturing the Milky Way galaxy in all its glory, something that is almost impossible in most cities in the world.

To wrap it up Mana Pools National Park is a great destination for wildlife photography and offers a unique wildlife viewing experience where visitors can enjoy walking on foot to view wildlife.

Its diverse range of species, and Bobby-Jo Safaris will give you the opportunity to engage with them at arm’s length and offers photographers a unique chance to capture stunning and authentic wildlife shots.

Additionally, the chance to engage in astrophotography only adds to the allure of the place, making it a must-visit destination for anyone who loves photography, nature, and adventure.

Safari Details



  • $7995 USD per person sharing (based on 6 guests)
  • Single supplement subject to availability

Safari Highlights:

  • 5 nights camping on the Zambezi river
  • Discovering wildlife on foot!
  • Wild African experience

Photographic Highlights:

  • Photographic coaching from Bobby-Jo
  • Learning astrophotography
  • Capturing unique, low angle images of wildlife
  • Capturing images of wildlife in the blue forests of Mana
  • Photographing ancient Baobab trees.

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