A picture is worth a thousand words

The power of storytelling in wildlife photography provides an emotional connection to a visual image.

Capturing a moment in time through a photograph is just the beginning of the story; the story is then built upon by the message that the photographer portrays.

Whether it’s about capturing the vulnerability of a species or the thrill of a predator hunt, the story is what creates a lasting impact in the viewer’s mind. Story telling in wildlife photography is not only informative, but it also serves to inspire, captivate, and educate the viewer.

The ability to convey meaning and emotion in wildlife photography results in a deeper appreciation and understanding of our natural world.

Understanding animal behaviour is essential for creating better wildlife photography.

Photographers can anticipate animal movements, capture unique characteristics, and approach subjects without interrupting natural behaviour.

It is the key to unlocking the beauty and essence of the animal kingdom in photography.

Why Bobby-Jo Photography Safaris?

“I have been caring, observing and photographing wildlife for two decades.

I have an incredible insight into wildlife behaviour which will help my guests capture special moments whilst on safari.”


I can coach you through high pressure situation such as cheetah hunting  gazelle on the Ndutu plains or a snow leopard bounding down the side of a snow-covered chasm.

Imagine capturing a dramatic shot of an elephant dust bathing! I will provide the settings needed to capture those behaviours and also assist you with creating a compelling composition.