Why Us

Hi, I’m Bobby-Jo

When I ask my clients why they join my photo safaris they talk about the fun, friendly atmosphere and the immersive nature of our adventures.

Many of my guests have returned on my safaris and lifelong friendships are formed.

For less experienced photographers I offer step by step advice on understanding the elements of photography for your camera and even for your phone.

For the experienced photographer I am able to offer the best wildlife locations, guides and 20 years of experience and knowledge in the destinations that we travel to – and also an exchange of views – I too am always learning. 

Whatever your experience you will definitely be rewarded when you join one of my safaris.

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Our planet is amazing and diverse and my passion and photographic skills allows me to capture the very best our incredible world has to offer – particularly wildlife!

Africa was my immersion into wildlife photography after I graduated with my photographic qualifications.

I have subsequently spent the past two decades working with the most amazing animals and people, and my career has provided me with some wonderful photographic opportunities.

When I am not on safari, I work hands on with wildlife and am involved with wildlife conservation projects.

As a qualified senior zoo-keeper of eighteen years, my perception and insight into animal behaviour in the wild enables my guests to capture unique and endearing images.

I have developed an ability to often interpret animal behaviour which leads to very special photographic opportunities.

So please feel free to browse through my safaris and images and contact me if you want to explore why you really should join me on one of my epic adventures.

“An experience you will never forget!”

“To go on a safari with Bobby-Jo is to go on a journey of self discovery. A testament to Bobby-Jo is knowing wildlife behaviour”

“If You want an experience you will never forget you got to go with Bobby-Jo!”

Caren Jenkins- Mana Pools, Namibia & Kruger Safari, 2019

What Would Honey Badger Do?

Bobby-Jo Safaris resonates with this fierce little critter! They are the Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom.

They are not afraid to go after what they want even when a lion or leopard is in their path. They will attack any obstacle in their way!

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A honey badger will walk into 1000 bees to chase that sweet honey, nothing stops the honey badger and nothing should stop YOU from chasing your dreams!

Whenever in doubt you should always follow this mantra
“What would honey badger do?”